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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dennis Sibeijn

Dennis, (born 1975) creates his unique brand of Photo Manipulations in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. He is a part-time AV designer at Technicolor Netherlands and is the co-founder and designer at Monument Studio. His work has found a regular audience with a large number of bands--including CD covers, t-shirts and posters.

Although I will be highlighting, for the most part, only his Photo Manipulations in this feature, he is also an accomplished Photographer, as well as working in Graphic Design, 2D/3D Animation, Composting, and Typography. While it is hard to fathom (considering the detail and complexity of his work), Mr. Sibeijn does not rely on any use of stock photos or backgrounds:
"I often read replies like 'great use of stock', I want to make clear I don't use stock, every element in my work has been photographed/painted/modelled by me. Personally I think stock will limit your creative abilities because you're dependent on the vision of someone else, for some this may work but not for me. It can take quite some effort and time to get the right shots for the right work."

Some of you may recognize his art, yet not the name, since he normally uses the moniker damnengine. As a point in fact, I was introduced to the vast and amazing website, deviantART.com, after finding Dennis' work while looking through some galleries of his on beinart.org. Once I saw the amazing stuff he creates, I typed in a search and his deviantART page popped up. He also has an excellent and extensive website of his own at damnengine.net.

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