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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

H. R. Giger

As the first installment in this new blog, I can think of few modern artists that are more capable of sprouting Seeds from Hell than H.R. Giger. He has stated that most of his art is derived from night terrors he's experienced in his life.

Hans Ruedi Giger, born in 1940, is a Swiss artist specializing in many fields, including painting, airbrush, pastels, markers and ink. He is also a sculptor and furniture/interior designer. Giger is most famous for creating the creature from the film Alien, based on a painting he did entitled Necronom IV. In 1980 he won an Oscar for that design.

Also in the realm of film, his Harkonnen Capo Chair design was used in the Dune film, directed by David Lynch. Several "Giger Bars" in Tokyo, New York and Switzerland highlighted many of Giger's interior design themes, although most have closed over the years.

His accomplishments are too numerous to list here, but they include working on numerous films, CD covers, computer games, his own museum and guitar designs.
An endless array of websites are dedicated to Giger, including, but not limited to:
HRGiger Museum
Little Giger
Official Giger MySpace

YouTube has quite a few videos featuring his artwork and one channel dedicated to a new film now out on DVD called: H.R. Giger's Sanctuary.

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