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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marc Blackie

Mr. Blackie is a photographer from London that has been shooting his current brand of art since the late 1990's. Although often labeled a Fetish Photographer, he doesn't feel this accurately portrays his themes. His website, Disappointed Virginity features several galleries, interviews and a short biography of sorts. In it he states:

"I know that some people consider my images to be dark, disturbing and all of these things. I see it as being a product of various parts of my mind; my love of the erotic, the female form and sexual fantasy and quite obviously the more sinister underbelly of these things."

Due for release in Autumn of this year is what Marc refers to as his "first proper short film". It is entitled 'A Special Form of Denial'. The trailer is featured on his website and included here:

Marc Blackie's MySpace page includes three musical projects he is involved in. The main venture is called Sleeping Pictures, where he collaborates with Gary Parsons. His side project is Lark Blames with Lloyd James of Naevus; and his solo project is These Papercuts.

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