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Friday, January 2, 2009

Grzegorz Kmin (aspius)

This is yet another Polish artist from the Dark Realms that truly sow Seeds from Hell. Whether by coincidence, or twisted fate, many of the artists I've featured here are of Polish descent. The odd thing is during the massive amount of web surfing I engage in, looking for appropriate art on this blog, it is the art, in and of itself, that grabs me.

Initially, I have no idea where the artist is from, or, often enough, who they may be. This can only lead me to one conclusion: for whatever reason, the imaginations and talent from this region of the world is uniquely and categorically dark and twisted. Why this is I have no idea, but I'm continuously impressed by what I find from the Polish psyche.

As some of you know Zdzisław Beksiński is my all-time favorite and most respected artist, and happens to be Polish. I highlighted a feature of him on this blog several months ago, and I plan to do other features here as well. I think it's safe to say I would never repeat an artist on here--but, as always, Beksiński goes beyond all others for me, so expect more posts about this absolutely astounding artist.

OK, now let's cut to the bone with the current feature.

Grzegorz Kmin was born 1972 in Lodz, Poland. He also is known by the name

Originally a neurophysiologist by profession, after three years of turmoil in essentially ignoring his artistic bent, Grzegorz began working temporarily as a DTP operator and graphic designer. By 1998 he began in earnest pursuing his art with several trials and tribulations in what direction his life, and his art, were taking him. At this point he began devoting more and more of his time and energies to art and graphics.

Mr. Kmin describes his work as digital oils. Working freelance from home, he most often uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Poser 5.0, and filters in the KPT Collection. With PSD files as large as 2.65 GB he uses hundreds of layers that are then grouped together for facilitation into sets.

Grzegorz has a very engaging and interesting site, Aspius-Art, and an extensive gallery on his deviantART page, which includes a few Flash Animation experiments; Sacrifice being my favorite thus far (HIGHLY recommended viewing).


Kelly said...

Interesting stuff. It actually looks like some of the shit my husband does. You might like his stuff, here's his DeviantArt page: http://acousticwizard.deviantart.com/

Majase Cyc said...

Cool, I appreciate the link Kelly.

I like his art, I added him on my Watch List at dA.


Anonymous said...

I first discovered Grzegorz Kmin at Epilogue.net and fell in love with his work. Now that I've seen a picture of him, I think I've fallen in love with HIM.