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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard (also known as Sallow) is an amazing freelance digital artist, and the Art Director for UBISOFT, in the UK. Some of his work pays homage to the likes of Beksiński and H.R. Giger but with its own direction and unique vision.

In addition, he contributes his talents to Film Concept art, illustration, CD cover work, and computer game art 2D/3D. From his imagination emerge entire worlds of fantastic creatures and landscapes that reveal the very archetypes which seduce, guide, destroy the human psyche.

On one of his websites, Butterfly Soldiers, he provides us a glimpse into the characters he creates:
"At one point in my life I went looking for these connections, a path if u like, through this I met people whose similar quests had led some of them to connections with Angels, some the Green Goddess, some Native American culture and even some in voodoo. I felt drawn to none, interested in all. Clarity hit me, isn't it all the same, every god worships, every deity spirit calling, isn't it just a way of tuning yourself into something.. Something? Energy, a high (or lower) form of consciousness. It's all a matter of interpretation, what works for one, how your mind interprets what this something has to offer."

Gerrard's work and portfolio can be found on a number of sites:

Butterfly Soldiers
CG Society
Linked In

In collaboration with Edward Fox, Paul also creates Industrial music/soundscapes in their project Foxgerhard.

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